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Keynote: ôOvercoming Challengesö

A keynote address that teaches you how to overcome challenges by creating the life you want at home and in the workplace.

Here is a vivid personal account of how Dr. Robby Gordon survived the most difficult time in his life and learned to set goals, asked for what he wanted, and succeeded in a surprising way, overcoming challenges.

Dr. Gordon was drafted into the army in 1970.  As a pacifist, he had dreams of being a photographer in the army; however, the army had different dreams for him.  He did not get discouraged and still continued to work toward his goals.  You will hear the fascinating story of how he rose from the hard training, from being stuck in the desert sand, to become the head of the infirmary.  He always remembered his goals and used them as a direction to achieve what he wanted.

You will come out of this keynote address with these life lessons.

  • Nothing is impossible if you want it enough.
  • Have a goal and to act as if you have already achieved it. 
  • Concentrate on what you have, not on what you lack.
  • If you do not ask, the answer is no.  If you ask for nothing, you get nothing.

Sample of Work Sheet given to participant after Keynote speaking (compiled information from all worksheets will be available upon request).


Keynote:   How to Succeed
"Overcoming Challenges"

1.  What did I learn from this story?

2.  What is my goal at the workplace?  (Start acting as if you have already achieved it.)

3.  What can I ask the company to do for me?  (Remember to ask.)

4.  What would I ask my employer to do for the company?  (If you ask nothing, you get nothing.)

5.  What I appreciate most about the company.  ( Concentrate  on what you have and not on what you lack.)

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 Hot Tips from Clever Sages
This entertaining Keynote Address teaches you to achieve success and higher profits by letting go of any stress you experience in your workplace.

Dr. Gordon touches us deeply with stories from sages around the world: 
"We all live with our own paradigms and sometimes it is hard for us to see somebody else's point of view.  In order to understand your partner, your partner, your coworker, or your friend, I would like to share this story with you:

Once there was a frog who lived in a small well all his life.  He could never understand that there was more to the world than his small well until he got out of it.  For the frog, the whole world was just the bottom of his well.  One day he decided to jump up and see what was beyond the well.  He did not get very far.  All he saw was the top of the well wall.  Over the top of the well wall was a small animal, but he did not realize it.  What he saw were four little paws.  He fell back into his well before he could see any more.  When he jumped up again, he saw the animal's tail.  Not understanding that both the legs and the tail were part of an entire animal, he assumed that the entire world was filled with little legs moving around followed by little tails.  He therefore concluded, based on what he had seen, that the world was only made up of paws and tails. 

We often act just like this small frog.  We think only of what we see, and therefore assume that the entire world functions in our own scheme or reality.  If we could see the whole world at once, it would be overwhelming.  Since this just isn't possible, instead; we re-frame the world to fit our frame of reference, forgetting that there may exist another way.  Remember, we are not necessarily seeing the whole picture.  Others may be seeing something completely different from us.

We retain only 28% of what we hear the first day and only 4% a week later.  Therefore, two people who were present at the same time and place can have completely different views of the same financial data.  Sometimes people remember things that were never actually said; they misconstrue the facts, or hear only what they want to hear.  Often you, your partner, or your mate may disagree about a monetary matter.  You can both be right.  You are both seeing only the legs and tail of the situation, not the whole picture.  Most of us believe that one solution is correct.  If this were true, then everything would work out, and we would not have to search for it.  Instead of focusing on one situation, change your mind set to one in which more than one solution can work and coexist. 

Dear Dr. Gordon 

I had a wonderful time at your illuminating seminar.  Your seemingly infinite view of conflict resolution is a definite ground breaker in psychology and sociology.  Removing conflict is exactly what we are doing, using your techniques.  I will highly recommend, to everyone I meet, to look into your Conflict Resolution Institute.  We found your reference to animals and sages quite jovial and yet so true.  We greatly appreciate your appearance and we will look forward any future appearances you may have. 

Ilana Hever 

Platform for Actuality 
180 Arlozerov 
Tel Aviv, Israel 
Tel: 03-695-2870 


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