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Dr. Robby Gordon, Professional Speaker and coach with a background in finance and economics, offers powerful ways to increase your profits in his seminars and Keynote Addresses. Dr. Gordon shows how we can break through self-defeating barriers to enjoy unlimited success. He teaches how to turn conflict into agreement.  Dr. Robby Gordon

Your immediate results are increased profits, much better relationships, and reduced stress.  Dr. Gordon combines his in-depth knowledge of money issues with  proven stress-management techniques which turn anxiety into assets.  Merging modern psychology with teachings of East and West, Dr. Gordon has used his analytical and psychological and individuals within the workplace. 

Seminars & Keynotes 
  • Secrets of Stress Reduction
  • Turning Conflict Into Agreement 
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Magical Marketing Techniques 
  • Easy Negotiation Strategies
Rewards to You / Guaranteed Results 
  • Reduce stress to maximize potential
  • Acquire tools to convert problems into profit 
  • Defuse and resolve conflicts
  • Change mind sets to create breakthroughs 
  • Create positive ideas and transforming actions 
  • Mutual vision and understanding among partners 
  • Create employer-employee alignment 
  • Achieve your goals & mission by creative thinking 
  • Dramatically increase profit and productivity

"We created breakthroughs in profits above and beyond our expectations." 
Dr. Andrei Novac, Practicing Psychiatrist 
"Dr. Gordon's Conflict Resolution gave us a straight forward, results-oriented approach, solving our critical issues." 

Sylvia Newton-Robbins, American Seminar Leaders Assn. 

"We discovered problems we didn't know existed and solved them before they turned into a crisis." 
Professor Bonita Jaros, Santa Ana College

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Dr. Robby Gordon 
2430 Vasanta Way 
Hollywood Hills, CA 90068 
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