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Secrets of stress reduction
This is a self-empowering workshop to bring out the best in each person.  In this workshop, you will acquire the tools to deal with stress and reach your full potential, and be happier and more productive.  It helps participants to focus and have clarity about their goals.

Objectives for You:

  • Acquire easy tools to deal with stress.
  • Change participants’ mindset to create breakthrough.
  • Transform ideas into positive action

Value for You:

  • Make more money.
  • Save more money.
  • Save time.

1. Acceptance
Accept your feelings toward the situation.  Without ignoring your problems, your best choice is to choose what you have.

2. Valuing and Embracing
See the value in the lessons you have learned, embrace the situation, and avoid new crises in the future.

3. A Health Detachment
Learn how to let go of your judgment which influences your feelings.  Remove negative feeling which can lead to negative outcomes.

4. Creating Excess Profit
The goal to produce 10% or 15% more profit should not become a limiting factor.  Instead, achieve breakthrough profits by becoming open to greater productivity.

5. Empowerment
Empowerment brings out the best in each employee for the overall betterment of the company.

6. Goal Setting
Look at the end result and start to create it.

For more information, please request information online or contact the Monetary Stress Institute 

Dear Dr. Gordon, 
        We so appreciate the time you spent with us Tuesday.  The seminar you did about creating profit by empowering people had a tremendous impact on our entire organization.  You could feel the energy shift after you had left.  Normally things can be really hectic and full of stress (as you saw when you visited us to do a "needs analysis").  Now people are letting go of the panic and focusing on being productive.  What a tremendous change!
  We are grateful for your time and the obvious enjoyment you get out of helping people.  I will highly recommend you to anyone who is experiencing the same challenges we were.

Sincerely yours,
Ramona Charlston
Training Director

These may apply to your Corporation or Organization

Research has shown that stress is a major factor in producing a lower productivity level in the workplace.  Wouldn't you agree?

In the workplace, when stress goes up, profit goes down.  Would you agree with me?

When people are stressed, do you agree that they do not work to their full potential?

Do you agree that employees who are stressed are less happy and less satisfied at the workplace?

Would you like greater productivity of your employees and are you interested in their well-being?

If they say yes to all these points, then you say you will need to have a workshop about replacing stress with profit.

Dr. Gordon, the founder of  The Monetary Stress Institute, has designed a system and technique which he has taught his participants that stress or lack of profit are  thoughts, and thoughts are within us. If we take control of our thought process we can reduce our stress.  Everything depends on the way we look at the situation.

Dr. Gordon gives the participants the tools to be able to reduce their stress.  Dr Gordon teaches how to achieve financial goals with breakthrough in mind. He teaches creative thinking that will get the participants and their organization to where they want to go.

In his workshop, he will be introducing a new language that will help the participants to make the distinction between the reality and their thoughts, which will help them to create what they want.

Once the participants learn how not to be stressed about their monetary situation or the financial situation of the company, they can be open to create something completely new, a new attitude that will bring with it more profit. 

 The participants feel empowered and focused, which brings the best out in each person. It is bringing the real person that they are to the world, the person that they want to express before too many things got in their way.  It helps them to focus and have clarity about goals and mission.

Creating Profit by Empowering People


 Empowerment brings the best out in each person or each employee. 

It is bringing the “real you” to the world, the part that you want to express but too many things got in your way.  It helps you to focus and have clarity about goals and missions.

Once you are focused and empowered, you can produce and achieve your highest potential. You will not waste any more time on work and matters that are nonessential.  Even if you start focusing on a very small project or idea, your success in that project will be so great that it will be easier to duplicate it and expand later on into many more areas. Success in one field will have a ripple effect on many other fields. This in turn will create a projection of excellence, empowering you and creating better results exponentially. 

Empowerment cannot be created by constant extrinsic help.  Even benefits like increased salary will not help (except perhaps for a month or two). During this process the employers have to find how to ignite the intrinsic power that exists within each person.  Empowerment takes the command away from one commander and makes us our own commanders for the overall betterment of the company.  In empowerment, the goal is to empower the employees, not to control them.  If you try to control  employees, they usually rebel by not agreeing to follow directions, and trying to gain control by doing other dissatisfying things.  Amounts of money that are spent, the kind of furniture that is bought, can be controlled, but people cannot be controlled.   Be empowered to do your best. 

Empowering is not giving individuals power that they do not have.  It motivates us to use our own power.  Empowering doesn't mean taking away the boundaries and letting everyone do what they want.  If everyone just does what he or she wants, the organization will revert to unempowering them, because there is no direction.  Create boundaries, create a goal, create a mission statement, and be motivated to work within the framework the best that we can do. 

Empowering is teaching others not to be dependent. When people understand that they are empowered, they are motivated to act better.  When you are empowered, you perform better.  Empowering is the boss giving up control but still keeping the responsibility to guide things to happen. 

Empowerment will make things happen the way they are supposed to happen.  Empowering is also letting everyone express what they want to do which will also be in alliance with what is best for the company.  If you are obliged only to work with the goal of the company without expressing your own desires, the achievement will be very low.  However, if all the employees have their own mission statements within the company, they will perform much better. 

 Empowerment is the opposite of judgment. Judgment is based on being right or wrong, which is subjective; there are not just one or two but many sides to very complicated issues.  Sometimes it is hard to understand another until you see his point of view.  The problem with judging is that it will bring others to react defensively and put their energy into a direction we do not want.  If you act out fear guilt or shame as a consequence of  judgment, your reactions will subside after a while and the judgment will not have any effect anymore. 

 The Chinese say that to lead people you have to walk behind them. The best leaders are leaders whose employees say we did it ourselves.

  Complete the following worksheet, creating a sense of responsibility. You might get ideas that you never thought about.  Just the act of writing about the problem and writing down possible solutions will improve the situation tremendously. (If you want I can supply you with worksheets.)

 Recent research shows that employees are not only interested  in raises; usually raises change their satisfaction level only for a short while. However, other benefits that they choose and their input in the workplace usually create much more satisfaction. Employees who are happier at the workplace will achieve more and will contribute more. 

A sample of one of the worksheets used during the workshop


1. What do you enjoy at your work?

2. What do you value about your work?

3. What would you like to do more on your job?

4. What kind of challenges would you like to have at your work?

5. What special experience and knowledge can you contribute to your work?

Monetary Stress Reduction
This is an interactive workshop that helps you reduce monetary stress by doing exercises that help you understand the reason for your stress and anxiety. 

Stress associated with money is self-inflicted. Even if you have someone to blame for all your misfortunes, only you can change the situation. In this workshop, you'll use affirmation and visualization to free yourself from the stress of worrying about your money. Remember: Worrying is interest on a loan you never took out. 

For more information, please request information online or contact the Monetary Stress Institute 

Dear Dr. Gordon: 

Thank you for your excellent presentation at our luncheon meeting.  Your topic, "Replacing Stress with Profit," certainly is a pressing issue for many members who were present.  Your interesting viewpoints were well taken by all members that I have spoken with. 

I have reviewed my notes taken during your presentation and certainly plan on implementing some of your ideas.  With all the emphasis on stress in the "work-place" it is important to understand proven stress management techniques. 

Once again, thank you for your provocative presentation! 
Ben Seversky 

A wealthy man enjoys the amount of money that he has while a rich person might worry about the amount of money that he does not have without enjoying what he has.   A wealthy man comes out of abundance.  There is an abundance of wealth in the world.  It belongs to him and he also shares it with the world.  His wealth helps him and everyone around him. His wealth is not created by taking it from somebody else, but by adding to the total wealth of the world. His richness is not only in money but also in the spiritual world with his family with his friends and everyone around him. So I want you to feel wealthy and then by law of attraction you will attract more of everything into your life.  Do not be a person who is always worried about his money and by law of attraction attracts more problems. Remember that the way you feel about your money becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Do not give a bad meaning to money. It is true that some people misuse money.  There are crooks in the world who misuse money, but you are not one of them. It is the same as water—water is always considered an essential part of your life.  I want you to think about money as an essential part of your life. We do not think of all the flooding and the damage that  water has caused in the world; we think about the good that the water has done to us.  I want you to think the same way about money. Sometimes too much of it might spoil certain things, the same way that a flood does. When you think about the air that you breathe you do not think about the wind chill factor or the cold winds of Chicago. We think how important it is for us to breathe.  When you admire a beautiful piece of glass sculpture, you do not think about how a broken glass might cut your foot.  It’s true that everything that has beauty to it might have another side to it.  Don’t ignore the other side; however, identify with the positive and beautiful side of things.

You should think the same way about money.  Think about all the good the money has brought into the world. Think of all the philanthropic actions that been have taken throughout history. Think about all the good things that you will be able to do with money. How many people you will be to help. This does not mean to give all your money away. However if you do not have money you do not have what to give. It means helping the economy, by paying your employees, by running your business, and even by shopping and providing other people income.

So it is important that you will actively work on making money, collecting money that other people owe you in order to continue the cycle. By thinking that money is not a positive thing, that when it will come it will come, you are breaking the cycle of money.  You do not get what you deserve and this might force you not to be able to pay all the people who are dependent on you. 

Money is a commodity that you gain by working in order to help other people.

It might be easier for you to think that when you collect money, you do it to help the economy, to help your employees, to help their families, and everyone in the world that you will give business to.

Money is not dirty.  It is not corrupt. It is a means to help other people. 


You are not responsible for the problem

 Quotation from Maharaji's book " I am that" page 6:

 “Between the banks of pain and pleasure the river of life flows. It is only when the mind refuses to flow with the life and gets stuck at the banks, that it becomes a problem.  By flowing with life I mean acceptance-letting come what comes and go what does. Desire not, fear not, observe the actual, as and when it happens, for you are not what happens, you are to whom it happens."

 When you see a judgmental trend in your thought patterns, stop it immediately. You are drawing on your past failures and we don’t want to repeat those failures.   Instead accept what was previously unacceptable to create a new situation. You are not the situation; you are in the situation, so look where you are and accept it.

 Remember that you are not the problem.  You are a wonderful human being – the problem is not you. You might have the problem, but you are not the problem.  Whenever you deal with the stress, related to a specific problem, accept the stress and remember that you are not that stress.  You are much more than that.  If a partner of yours or anyone else blames you for being the problem or the cause of the problem, let them stay with the blame and remember who you are.  If you agree and you start responding to all their accusations, you give them the opportunity to get you engaged in the blaming situation.  As long as you do not agree with their blame, you give them the control to play with your feelings in such a situation.  Usually the other party wants you to get involved in the situation, accepting it or not.  When you stay in this stage of involvement, you let them control the situation.  Stay with yourself, remember who you are, and not falling into their game, then you will be much stronger.  You are not the one who caused the problem.  However, you are the one who is in control of how to respond to the other party blaming.  As long as you are in the game of responding to them and not responding to yourself, you give them control over the situation. 

 “The rock is not disturbed by the wind; the mind of a wise man is not disturbed by either honor or abuse.” (Buddha)



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