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"First Stress The Positive"
Tapes of Dr. Gordon's
workshops are now available!

This package contains two full-length interactive tapes designed for the Corporation or Individual wanting a better understanding of money and profit while reducing the stress of financial problems.

Dear Dr. Gordon:
I'm so glad I bought your Financial Audiotapes the last time you spoke.  When I had the flu the beginning of the year (too sick to get out of bed or even to read anything), your audiotapes provided so much comfort as well as knowledge.  I not only thank you for the foregoing, but I truly appreciate how you treat the clients I recommended you to. 

Arlene Solomon, EA
Accredited Tax Advisor
Huntington Beach, CA
Email:  lowtax@worldnet.att.net
Fax: 714-373-1850

For Corporations For Individuals
Reduce stress associated with company performance

Create breakthroughs in profit

Turn problems into profitable solutions

Align employers and employees for better production

Increase employee creativity to improve bottom line profits

Create mutual vision and understanding among partners

Reduce stress associated with money

Create breakthroughs in income

Turn monetary problems into income

Align yourself with the business world for better performance

Increase your creativity to improve bottom line earning

Create visions and affirmations for more wealth

Hear samples from Dr. Gordon's two tape interactive workshop using RealAudio: [Get RealAudio Plugin]

How You, Your Family And The World Affect Your Relationship With Money 
Overcoming Negativity To Create More Wealth

Two Tape Interactive Workshop Package
Non-California residents  
Price $25.00
Postage/ Handling $4.00
Total $29.00
California residents  
Price $25.00
Postage/ Handling $4.00
Tax $1.88
Total $30.88

The tapes are available via postal mail. We accept cashier's checks, money order, Master Card, Visa or Discover. Please fax or mail your payment to the address below and allow one to two weeks for processing.

Dr. Robby Gordon
2430 Vasanta Way
Hollywood Hills, CA 90068
Tel: 323-848-4699 
or   949-861-1709
Email: drrobbygordon@gmail.com

Hands-On Workbook on Replacing Stress 
With Profit and Productivity

This booklet includes exercises for you to learn how to deal with stress.  It provides empowerment for you, your friends, and your employees.  By doing these exercises you will acquire tools to deal with stress, to create breakthrough in your life, and achieve goals beyond your imagination.
Price:  $12.00 
Shipping & handling:   $4.00 
California residents sales tax:   $0.90 

Hands-On Handbook for Conflict Resolution

This booklet includes exercises that will teach you how to acquire tools to defuse and resolve conflicts and provide transformational ways to resolve existing or potential conflict.
Price: $12.00 
Shipping & handling: $4.00
California residents sales tax:  $0.90


Discount for buying both booklets: $20.00
Shipping & handling:  $4.00
California residents sales tax: $1.50 

2 booklets with tapes: $40.00
S&H:  $4.00
California Residence Sales Tax: $3.00






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