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Professional and Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Trainer, Coach
Dr. Robby Gordon, Professional Speaker, Consultant, Trainer and coach with a background in finance and economics, offers powerful ways to replace stress with profit and productivity and turn conflict into agreement.  In his seminars and Keynote Addresses Robby shows how we can break through self-defeating barriers to enjoy unlimited success.
Dr. Robby Gordon  
Dr. Robby Gordon
2430 Vasanta Way
Hollywood Hills, CA 90068
Tel: 323-848-4699
Cell: 949-861-1709

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Dear Dr. Gordon,

We want to thank you for the speaking and consulting that you did at our company.  It was very easy working with you, but more than that, it was a pleasure!  You delivered in a timely manner exactly what you promised.

We used you as a consultant for conflict resolution.  You resolved all the conflict in the company and made it easier to deal with each other.  You did such a good job that in appreciation we then booked you to do an empowerment workshop for all our employees and to be a keynote speaker at our retreat.  Each event surpassed the other.   As a result of your work, profit increased by more than 20%, people are less stressed, and overall this was a tremendous value.

Yours in success,
Sylvia Newton-Robbins
Vice-President, University Director

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